We can manufacture garments to your specifications

Bespoke Garments

Custom Made Garments and Assessories made to your exact specifications including colours, Branding logos, Materials, Garment modifications on request.


We can make specialist boilersuits and Coveralls and work coats, Jackets and Fleece to your design or colour

When you need a look that is uniquely yours, from T shirts to Coveralls.

T shirts Hoodies

Special T Shirts manufactured in the UK or Overseas branded to suit your needs

Printed T Shirts, Hoodies, Flags, Bags for Adverts, Events, Promotions or occaisions.


We can make from scratch garments for specialist uses e.g. Flame retardant and Food Industry garments

For Special events or non standard items we can manufacture from Flags to Tea Towels.

Logo Mats

Almost any design or Logo can be reproduced on an Entrance Logo Mat

Manufactured to almost any design and size in 7 days after you approval.


Aprons and Tabards made to your specifications blouses and shirts

Custom Clothing for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants for your unique look.

Sports Wear

Sunday League to Schools to one off event can all be made to suit your specifications

Football, Teamwear, Gym Wear, Rugby, School Sport.